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Jeu Sep 03, 2020 8:27
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Inscrit le: 03 Sep 2020
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Sujet du message:  If it John Wall but an inch taller people cried about the opal Alex Caruso. Répondre en citant

I think that it's safe to say quarantine caused 2K to panic and as a result became oversaturated. With the combination of 2K MT standard unawareness/stupidity/greed and increasingly toxic card choices, it feels just like the manner has gone off several cliffs and landed on a pile of explosives. Cards are unusable concerning multiplayer and if you should look at Auction House you would notice that everything is devalued.

It is like this because they could not create cards so they dropped everything. Yes that's true. However, it felt as though it was coming either way. I believe the last pack to fall before everything got paused was the 1st enthusiast favs packs, that have been pretty toxic up to that point cuz of the Bol Bol and Tacko cards. It was forthcoming, it does every year. I don't understand why people get pissed off underneath those exaggerated stats it is all the same, over the title of a player. If it John Wall but an inch taller people cried about the opal Alex Caruso.

I don't know why folks can't have fun and play players they enjoy without everyone screaming about it states bol bol but you would be OK if it stated porzingis. Crying about Isaac Bonga when you could care. That's cuz a lot of people are willingly if it's a name that they understood to look another way. My problem isn't with who receives a card but the sort of cards that get put out. In how cards have been made, I only want some semblance of balance. Cuz at a specific stage, you can tell if the devs stopped caring and just gave everyone under the sunshine an opal.

2K21 is gonna come out anyway and that is why their handing out opals. I believe the remainder of your team could be bronzes although 2K18 had the very best myteam for making teams because there were manners, sure you could have goat Micheal Jordan. The only way to beat the people sacrificing they are wallet is to forfeit your own. Once they launch a few cards like that then they would have to release differently they'd be millions mt. I mean

I'm just concerned what happened this year is gonna embolden that the devs even more to blow their load on tier cards that are high before in the lifecycle of 2K21. Cuz they made a shit ton of cash off vc buys with people. That's aside from what I talked about regarding equilibrium. There are many cards that become obsolete after a pack drops and it is frustrating really. In my view, every card form throughout the year or ought to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins be helpful in some way. There were pink diamonds this season and opals, but that may be composed as an outlier. If a card is a specific level, there should be a regular for that level.My NBA 2K mycareer
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Sam Oct 24, 2020 13:57
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Sujet du message:  Always a pleasure to read through this forum :) Répondre en citant

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Le refuge ^_^ Index du Forum L'atelier If it John Wall but an inch taller people cried about the opal Alex Caruso.
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